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Rectangular Clarifier

Rectangular Clarifier Systems

A rectangular clarifier uses a separation methodology of removing solids that are suspended in fluid. The tanks are designed specifically for the application and flow rate to ensure proper design and settling time are achived.

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Filtra-Systems rectangualr clarifier, otherwise called a settling tank, uses a filtration methodology of separation by using a function of time. A continuous running conveyor is used to remove the solids from the bottom of the tank once collected. The chain and flight assembly allows for a robust and simple solution to remove heavier solids that fall out of solution.

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The incoming dirt-laden fluid enters the tank through an inlet located at the top. Working with our applications engineers the tank will be designed to be a certain size predicated on the application, the fluid being used, and the solid that is in solution. This function of time allows for the solids to fall out of suspension and be carried out by the work conveyor through a single discharge point.

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Product Range

Filtra Systems offers a full product line.

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Features and Benefits

The stand-alone system can be used as a pre-filtration stage before entering another Filtra product offering.

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Industry Applications

Our Rectangular Clarifier Systems can be used in a variety of different applications including:

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